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Altria Group Acquires NJOY Holdings

Written by: The Konnexion

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One of the biggest tobacco firms in the world, Altria Group, has made a significant investment in the e-cigarette market. A leading independent e-cigarette business, NJOY Holdings, will be acquired by the corporation for $2.75 billion in cash, according to a recent announcement by the company. The terms of the acquisition also include an additional $500 million in cash payments that are subject to further regulatory decisions about specific NJOY products.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted market permission for a portion of NJOY’s e-vapor portfolio, which is a significant advantage in the stringently regulated e-cigarette market. NJOY is a desirable acquisition target for Altria because of its robust distribution network and devoted consumer base.

Altria’s First Attempt Failed

Altria is making its second attempt into the e-cigarette sector with this acquisition. Juul’s popularity in the U.S. had exploded thanks to flavors including mango, mango crème brulee, and mint. For $12.8 billion, Altria acquired a portion of Juul Labs Inc. in 2018. Nonetheless, Juul came under fire from parents, schools, and politicians for the rise in underage vaping shortly after the purchase.

By the end of 2022, this investment had decreased to a value of $250 million. This was due to Juul’s legal troubles and the FDA’s refusal to provide market authorization for its product. At the beginning of 2023, Altria discontinued its partnership with Juul, which barred it from competing up against Juul in the e-cigarette industry.

Marlboro Owner Altria Diversifies with Purchase of E-Vapor Company NJOY Holdings

The purchase of NJOY by Altria is a component of its plan to diversify its product lineup beyond conventional tobacco products. In recent years, the e-cigarette market has grown increasingly popular, especially among users looking for alternatives to regular cigarettes. Altria is positioning itself to take a piece of this expanding industry by purchasing NJOY.

Altria Group Expands Product Portfolio with FDA-Authorized E-Vapor Products from NJOY Holdings

Altria Group will have access to an established e-vapor product portfolio that is supported by FDA market authorization thanks to the acquisition of NJOY Holdings. This is a huge benefit for the business because it guarantees that the products it will be selling are secure and compliant with legal requirements.

Six NJOY products now have marketing granting orders (MGOs) from the FDA. They consist of:

  • ACE e-vapor device, ACE Pod rich tobacco flavor in 5.0% nicotine concentration;
  • ACE Pod classic tobacco flavor in 5.0% nicotine concentration;
  • ACE Pod classic tobacco flavor in 2.4% nicotine concentration;
  • Daily Extra rich tobacco flavor in 6.0% nicotine concentration; and
  • Daily rich tobacco flavor in 4.5% nicotine concentration.


NJOY submitted PMTAs before the FDA’s deadline of September 9, 2020, for menthol-flavored products. The menthol products remain under review.

Altria Group Shows Confidence in E-Vapor Market with Purchase of NJOY Holdings

Furthermore, the contingent $500 million cash payments reveal Altria Group’s faith in NJOY’s products and its capacity to overcome regulatory obstacles. Although the e-vapor sector is still relatively new and laws are still being formed, this is a vital factor to take into account.

Overall, Altria Group has achieved a significant milestone with the purchase of NJOY Holdings. With FDA-approved items, it represents a big step in extending its product line and entering the quickly expanding e-vapor sector.

In conclusion, Altria Group’s acquisition of NJOY Holdings is a wise strategic choice that will help the company. The e-vapor product line from NJOY is a great complement to Altria Group’s product lineup and has received market permission from the FDA. The prospective cash payments of $500 million show how confident Altria Group is in NJOY’s products and its capacity to overcome regulatory obstacles. Undoubtedly, the e-vapor sector will be significantly impacted by this acquisition, and it will be interesting to see how Altria’s second attempt into the e-cigarette market turns out.

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